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You don't usually use time when you're expressing how much time a thing usually takes or lasts. Never say, one example is, 'The system took two yrs' time' or 'Every music lasts ten minutes' time'. Say 'The study course took two decades' or 'Each music lasts 10 minutes'.

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The bomb was timed to go off at 6 am → La bombe était réglée pour exploser à 6 heures du matin.

For corporations that have already got operational stability policies proscribing the information employees can divulge on social networking—Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to call some—they should also think about expanding this to on the net dating sites or apps.

The moments [in between two folks] were being stretching extended and more time, like lots of rubber bands —Elizabeth Spencer

'It truly is all athletes! In the mountain village it's all athletes. It truly is hilarious. There are a few cuties on there There was a degree where I had to be like Alright, This is certainly way way too distracting. I deleted my account to focus on the Olympics.'

Excellent game, a lot more sensible tractors, harvesters and equipment than on other farming simulators. The one nuisence I obtain is that the floor glitches a little total in the space. Its straightforward to get used to nevertheless. Total Critique virender singh January ten, 2018

I really liked this game but lately i misplaced my all details. I don't learn how to backup my all knowledge and no enable from guidance. It's disgusting... Full Evaluate GIANTS Application January ten, 2018 Hi, backing up your data is easy.

The initial malicious app made making use of #Kotlin—an open-resource programming language—was spotted on Google Play. little bit.ly/2FrCwOi

Grindr continues to be the topic of many a comedy regime (most notably during the stand-up act of Kathy Griffin), but individuals who make use of the application like the immediacy of interactions. This gay dating app is a type of apps You must test, whether or not it’s only just once on a dare. Obtain Grindr for iPhone right here.

one. the measuring on the length of time taken. tydtelling تَسْجيل الوَقْت определяне на времето medição de tempo měření času zeitliche Abmessung tidtagning χρονομέτρησηcronometraje ajamõõtmine تعیین زمان ajastus chronométrageעיתוי कलामापन mjerenje vremena időmérés pengukuran waktu tímamæling cronometraggio 時間測定 시간 측정 laiko skaičiavimas laika skaitīšana; hronometrēšana penjagaan masa timingtidtaking odmierzanie czasu وخت تاکلی medição de tempo cronometrare хронометраж meranie času merjenje časa merenje vremena tajmning, timing การบันทึกหรือวัดเวลา saat tutma, süre hesaplama 計時 вибір певного часу; розрахунок часу لگے ہوئے وقت کا اندازہ khả năng tính toán thời gian 计时

two. in no way-ending. the timeless splendor of Venice. tydloos لا يَنْتَهي، خالِد، أبدي бекраен eterno věčný ewig tidløs άφθαρτος, αιώνιοςeterno igavene بی پایان päättymätön éter- nel נצחי अनन्त vječan, beskonačan végtelen abadi endalaus, eilífur eterno 不変の 영원한 amžinas mūžīgs; nebeidzams abadi oneindigevigwieczny بې وخته eterno etern вечная večný večen beskrajan evig นิรันดร์ zaman tanımayan, her zaman geçerli 長期的,永遠的 нескінченний لازوال، سرمدي không chịu ảnh hưởng của thời gian 长期的,永远的

by clock what time could it be?, what’s time? → wie spät ist es?, wie viel Uhr ist es?; what time do you ensure it is? → wie spät haben Sies?; my look at keeps excellent time → meine Uhr geht genau; time is 2.30 → es ist two.30 Uhr, die Zeit: two.30 Uhr; it’s 2 o’clock area time → es ist two.00 Uhr Ortszeit; what was his time? (in race) → welche Zeit hatte er?; the winning time was … → die Zeit des Siegers war …; it’s time (for me/us and many others) to go, it’s time I used to be/we were and so forth likely, it’s time I/we and many others went → es wird Zeit, dass ich gehe/wir gehen etcetera; it’s time for tea → es ist Teezeit; time gentlemen be sure to! → Feierabend! (inf), → bitte, trinken Sie aus, wir schließen gleich ? the time of day to go some time of working day (with somebody) → (mit jdm) über Belanglosigkeiten reden; I wouldn’t even give him time of day → ich würde ihm nicht einmal guten or Guten Tag sagen ? to inform some time (human being) → die Uhr kennen; (instrument) → die Uhrzeit anzeigen; could you convey to enough time? → kennst du die Uhr? ? for making good time → intestine or schnell vorankommen; if we reach Birmingham by 3 we’ll be building fantastic time → wenn wir um three Uhr in Birmingham sind, sind wir ziemlich schnell ?

= instant, year → Zeit f; there’s a time and a place for every thing → alles zu seiner Zeit; That is barely the time or maybe the place to … → dies ist wohl kaum die rechte Zeit oder der rechte Ort, um …; That is no time for quarrelling or dating sites free to quarrel → jetzt ist nicht die Zeit, sich zu streiten; well, that is a fantastic time to inform me that (iro) → Sie haben sich (dat) → wahrhaftig eine gute Zeit ausgesucht, um mir das zu sagen; there are occasions when … → es gibt Augenblicke, wo or da (geh) → …; for the or that time → damals, zu der Zeit, seinerzeit; at this (certain) time, within the present time → zurzeit; in some cases …, (at) other moments … → (manch)mal …, (manch)mal …; from that point on → von der Zeit an, von da an; considering the fact that that point → seit der Zeit; this time last 12 months/week → letztes Jahr/letzte Woche um diese Zeit; to decide on or select one particular’s time → sich (dat) → einen günstigen Zeitpunkt aussuchen; to die ahead of a person’s time → zu früh sterben; my time is (Practically) up → meine or die Zeit ist (gleich) um ? time + occur the time has arrive (to carry out one thing) → es ist an der Zeit(, etw zu tun); time has arrive for us to depart → es ist Zeit für uns zu gehen; once the time will come → wenn es so weit ist; when her time comes (of pregnant girl) → wenn es (mit dem Newborn) so weit ist; when my time arrives (= when I die) → wenn meine Zeit gekommen ist; when the time comes that you should be the chief → wenn Sie an der Reihe sind, die Fileührung zu übernehmen ?

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